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St. John's Center for Spiritual Formation
is an organization which supports those who wish to begin or deepen a personal quiet time. The Center offers interfaith meditation instruction, individual spiritual direction, meditation therapy and seminars promoting intercultural understanding. It also provides guest speakers and retreat leaders to organizations requesting these services. St. John's Center is open to all people of good will, regardless of religious background or current religious allegiance.    (read our Mission Statement)

Foundations in Meditative Practice Courses

November 3--December 13
Thursday evenings 6:00--7:15 p.m.

January 11--February 15, 2017
Wednesday evenings 6:00--7:15 p.m.

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. What Is Spiritual Direction?

Sr. Ellie Finlay
Director, St. John’s Center
For Spiritual Formation

"Spiritual direction is that process in which one person seeks another’s assistance on the spiritual path. This process can take many forms and employ a number of techniques but it typically takes place within a scheduled conversation between director and directee..."

.What Is Meditation Therapy?

"Meditation therapy is a process of inner work that utilizes the principles of the meditative tradition to alleviate suffering and foster personal growth..."

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